marquetry NOUN inlaid work made from small pieces of variously coloured wood, used for the decoration of furniture.
ORIGIN from French marqueter 'become variegated' .

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  • marquetry — 1560s, from Fr. marqueterie inlaid work, from marqueter to checker (14c.), frequentative of marquer, from marque (see MARQUE (Cf. marque)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • marquetry — or marqueterie [mär′kə trē] n. [Fr marqueterie < marqueter, to spot, inlay < marque, a mark < OFr merc < ON merki < Gmc * marka, MARK1] decorative inlaid work of wood, ivory, metal, etc., used in furniture and flooring …   English World dictionary

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  • marquetry — /mahr ki tree/, n., pl. marquetries. inlaid work of variously colored woods or other materials, esp. in furniture. Also, marqueterie /mahr ki tree/. [1555 65; < MF marqueterie inlaid work, equiv. to marquet(er) to speckle, spot, inlay (lit., make …   Universalium

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  • marquetry — marqueterie mar que*te*rie, marquetry mar quet*ry, n. [F. marqueterie, from marqueter to checker, inlay, fr. marque mark, sign; of German origin. See {Mark} a sign.] Inlaid work; work inlaid with pieces of wood, shells, ivory, veneer, and the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • marquetry — also marqueterie noun Etymology: Middle French marqueterie, from marqueter to checker, inlay, from marque mark Date: 1563 decorative work in which elaborate patterns are formed by the insertion of pieces of material (as wood, shell, or ivory)… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • marquetry — mar|que|try [ markətri ] noun uncount a design or picture made with several different types of wood attached to the surface of a piece of furniture …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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